Be Yourself !

My journey

The moment I truly began to shine was when I dared to be myself, embracing every facet of my identity. There was a relentless thought that echoed in my mind: "How can you excel if you don't truly recognize yourself in the mirror? If you can't champion the very essence of who you are?" It was this profound realization in 2012 that led to the inception of Waly Access, a deeply personal voyage into understanding and celebrating my identity, my roots, and the legacy I want to leave behind for my children.

"Waly," translating to "beauty" in the Obamba dialect, spoken in the southern regions of Gabon, Central Africa, connects me to my mother's language and the voices of my ancestors

The drive behind Waly Access

Navigating the world as a Black woman entrepreneur, originally from Gabon, now settled in Quebec since 2002, has been nothing short of challenging. The heart of Waly Access beats in Victoriaville, where, against the odds, I established my accessory workshop in the intimate confines of my basement. As both an engineer and a designer, I'm at the helm of my enterprise, with only occasional assistance, exemplifying the spirit of a hands-on entrepreneur.

The intricate designs of Waly Access, featuring vibrant African fabrics known as wax, are a nod to my heritage. While the local clientele in smaller towns like Victoriaville is yet to embrace this distinctive style, it has found resonance in places like Montreal. Here, the unique African design essence has been celebrated, fostering a sense of belonging and pride for me.

Embracing Challenges

Being a mother to three beautiful children, juggling entrepreneurial duties and an engineering career, I'm no stranger to sacrifices.

More than once, I've found myself stretched thin, mentally and physically. But it’s the vision of creating and leaving behind a legacy that keeps me pushing forward.

Moreover, the journey of setting up an ethnic accessory business in an unfamiliar terrain has taught me resilience, perseverance, and the importance of community.

My promise to you

As I look to the future of Waly Access, it's not just about the growth of a brand, but the growth of a community, our community. I vow to continuously craft accessories that not only resonate with your identity but also become an emblem of your personal journey.

Drawing inspiration from my own experiences, I promise to ensure that each piece from Waly Access is more than just an accessory – it's a testament to our shared stories, aspirations, and dreams. Every design celebrates you, your roots, and the beautiful diversity that each of us brings to this tapestry called life. Explore this legacy of authenticity and empowerment; browse our unique collections and discover pieces that speak to your story.